Open Hole Logging

The staff at ELI Wireline Service, LLC have many years of field experience dealing with all aspects of wireline work, and includes cased hole, open hole, underground hydrocarbon storage, and porosity storage engineers. In addition, ELI has the latest technology and tools that provide accurate and complete analysis of  the well. The management and engineers at ELI all have between 20 and 40 years of experience in the wireline industry, making the staff experience at ELI unparalled in the industry. Open hole services provided by ELI include:

  • Gamma Logging
  • Compensated Litho-Density Logs
  • Radial Cement Bond Logs
  • Temperature Logs
  • Borehole Compensated Sonic Log
  • Compensated Neutron log
  • Perforating
  • Dual Induction / SLL / SP
  • Micro-Log

ELI is Based in Hays, Kansas, with a second shop in Hutchinson, Kansas. ELI staff have worked in numerous states throughout the USA from New York, Illinois, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and everywhere in between.

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