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ELI Wireline, LLC Key Personnel Summary

The staff at ELI Wireline Service, LLC has many years of field experience dealing with all aspects of wireline work, including cased hole, open hole, cavern and porosity storage engineers. The management and engineers at ELI Wireline all have between 20 and 50 years of experience in the wireline industry, making the staff experience at ELI Wireline unparalled in the industry.

ELI is Based in Hays, Kansas, with a second shop in Hutchinson, Kansas. ELI staff have worked in numerous states throughout the USA from New York, Illinois, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and everywhere in between. A brief summary of key management and staff is included below.

Fred Barber, President

Mr. Barber has nearly 50 years experience in the wireline business, and started the Company in the early 1990’s. He has navigated the Company through the lean and boom times in the oil and gas industry, and was instrumental in steering ELI Wireline into Underground Hydrocarbons Storage, Porosity Storage, and Solution mining work. Over the years, Mr. Barber has worked in every aspect of the wireline business, from completing work in the field, procuring trucks and equipment, working with clients and employees. His vision of the highest standard for customer service has set the stage for the operation of the Company for over 30 years, and he continues as Company President.

Richard Leeth, Log Interpretation and Sales

Mr. Leeth has been working with Fred Barber since the inception of ELI Wireline in the 1990’s, and brings 45 years of experience to the table. Over that time, he has performed log interpretation for nearly every type of wireline log. He has given numerous presentations on wireline interpretation over the years, and has long established relationships with most of the members of the oil and gas community in the Midwest.

Jeff Chilldress, Hutchinson Supervisor, Underground Hydrocarbon Storage, Porosity Storage, Salt Solution Mining, Sonar Survey, Cased Hole Engineer

Mr. Chilldress has been in the wireline business for over 30 years, following in his father’s footsteps. His son joined the Company approximately four years ago, representing the third generation of wireline engineers in the family. Over that time, Mr. Chilldress has completed work in nearly all aspects of wireline work, however has specialized in underground hydrocarbon storage, porosity storage, salt solution mining, and Class I disposal well work for the last 25 years. Mr. Chilldress also completes sonar surveys, which allows all aspects of wireline work to be completed by a single operator and mast truck.

Dan Gottschalk, Hays Supervisor, Cased Hole and Open Hole Engineer

Mr. Gottschalk has over 25 years of wireline experience, virtually all with ELI Wireline. Although he periodically serves as wireline engineer on jobs of all types, he is the Hays operations Supervisor, along with the Radiation Safety Officer. He is instrumental in supporting operations, including truck dispatch and working with clients.

Mike Thomason, Underground Hydrocarbon Storage, Porosity Storage, Salt Solution Mining and Cased Hole Engineer

Mr. Thomason has spent his entire professional career at ELI Wireline, starting as a rigger over 20 years ago. Since that time, he has evolved into one of the most experience engineers in the business, completing nearly all aspects of wireline work, although he now specializes in underground hydrocarbon storage, porosity storage, salt solution mining, and Class I disposal well work.

Jeffrey Leubbers, Open and Cased Hole Engineer

Mr. Leubbers has over 20 years experience in the wireline business, the vast majority of which has been with ELI Wireline. Since that time, he has evolved into a very experienced and capable  engineer.  His specialty is in open hole engineering, however he is also skilled in cased hole wireline operations.

Jeremy Sieb, Cased Hole and Underground Hydrocarbon Storage Engineer

Mr. Sieb has over 20 years experience in the wireline business, most of which have been with ELI Wireline. He has worked in nearly all aspects of the wireline business, specializing in open hole engineering along with Underground Hydrocarbon Storage.

Leon Dinkel, Tool Maintenance and IT Specialist

For nearly 20 years, Mr. Dinkel has been responsible for insuring that the tools utilized in the field are in the best operating condition. He is one of the few remaining technicians with the skill and experience to maintain wireline equipment on location, which allows the tools to be available and regularly maintained without shipping back to the factory. In addition, he is responsible for IT operations at the Hays and Hutchinson offices.

In addition to the key personnel noted above, ELI has a staff of riggers and support personnel who have been with the Company between four and twelve years. Overall, the experience of the staff at ELI Wireline is unsurpassed in the business, and insures that every job will be done in the most effective way possible.

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