ELI Wireline Tools

ELI has the latest technology and tools that provide accurate and complete analysis of the well. All of the box and mast trucks in the fleet have the latest version of the Warrior operating system on board. ELI Wireline trucks can complete the log printout in the field, and can make electronic copies for e-mail delivery to the client, wherever they may be. In this way, analysis of the log can proceed in real time, allowing effective processing of the data that insures real time decisions can be made accurately.

ELI has a total of over 110 tools available, including gamma ray, gamma density, downhole pressure gauges, gamma neutron, radial bond log tools, digital bind log tools, casing calipers, acoustic casing log tool, collar counters, sonic logs, sonar tool, induction, PE, micro, LDT, digital gamma ray, digital gamma ray/collar counter, inductive collar counter, cement bond log tools, temperature logging tools, setting tools, and all types of sources.

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